Behind The Scenes

Simon designed the animation to be accessible and appeal to a broad age range.
It deliberately has no dialogue and  it is bright and colourful making it attractive in an outdoor setting.The work is 7 minutes long, and is made from over 20 minutes
of Motion Capture material using techniques usually associated with feature films and computer games. Claire Cunningham and Lee Soar worked with Simon Mckeown and Craig McMullen in Teesside University’s Motion Capture laboratory
in early October 2010, providing the performances on which the animation is
based. Meanwhile, Sofie Graham (Ex Teesside University graduate) was creating the final character designs which you can see below. Early versions of the work were provided to the sound designer, Nigel Crooks of Teesside University so that the rushed deadline could be met. Many thousands of individual frames were generated in 3D and the final piece was provided to the BBC early November 2010.


Production Images